🤓Furucombo Introduction

Furucombo is a multi-chain DeFi aggregator designed to simplify, optimize, and automate DeFi trading for everyone!

What is Furucombo?

Furucombo starts from a tool built for end-users to optimize their DeFi strategy simply by drag and drop, and it's now a DeFi portal to help you optimize your crypto wealth.

Explore and Invest in Furucombo's wealth management farms with ease and let us help you make the most of your money.

It visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes. Users setup inputs/outputs and the order of the cubes, then Furucombo bundles all the cubes into one transaction and sends out. We call this building-blocks setup a “combo”.

How to use the Create mode

Do you charge any fees?

Furucombo has recently updated its fee structure, and it is dependent on which action or product you are using (#CreateMode, #InvestMode, #LendingDashboard). All fees generated are deposited into the Furucombo treasury to be managed by governance.

What is the risk of using Furucombo?

Invest mode

Most of pools are developed and deployed by external DeFis (e.g. Uniswap, Yearn, etc) and are subject to their smart contract risks. Currently only the smart contracts of the auto-invest Farms are developed be Furucombo team and those contracts have been audited.

Create mode

On Furucombo, we use a proxy contract and handler contracts to execute your transactions across different DeFi protocols. Once the transaction is executed successfully, the proxy contract sends all the funds back to your wallet. That being said, the proxy contract does not hold any funds.

Is Furucombo open-sourced?

You can find our proxy contract is verified on Etherscan and Polygon, where you can see the contract source code. The rest of Furucombo is not open-sourced yet.

Does Furucombo have a token?

Yes, here's our official COMBO token address:

Ticker: $COMBO (Ethereum Network) Token contract: 0xfFffFffF2ba8F66D4e51811C5190992176930278

Ticker: $COMBO (Polygon Network) Token contract: 0x6ddb31002abc64e1479fc439692f7ea061e78165

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