COMBO's Utility

The mission of COMBO is to make the Furucombo ecosystem stronger. As in a multi-sided market, it’s crucial to have every party share the same goal to make 1+1 > 2. COMBO is the key to making that happen.

Below we breakdown COMBO token’s utility to share more details on how COMBO holders can be part of the tokenomics to share the interest.

Fee Sharing

There are various revenue sources for Furucombo, as a COMBO holder, you will be able to have a share of them:

  • fees collected from using Furucombo;

  • tokens rewarded to Furucombo contracts, such as BAL, UNI, SNX, etc;

  • fee rebates received from protocols, such as partnerships with Aave, Synthetix’s volume program, etc.

Governance Participation

Underpinning Furucombo ecosystem will be the governance participated by the community. Especially in the coming year, Furucombo has a comprehensive roadmap planned ahead of us. Big releases are coming every quarter. COMBO tokens will later be used to govern Furucombo. Features include proposing, voting and deciding on the followings:

  • List new cubes integration;

  • Delist current cubes;

  • New partnership;

  • Distribute more community reserved tokens;

  • Grants given to combo creators, developers, etc.

Unlock Premium Features

Furucombo will continue shipping new features and integrations in 2021. We are particularly excited about some huge features that will provide a robust experience. These killing features will be only accessible with the use of COMBO.

In short, Furucombo is owned and shared by the COMBO holders, and the core development team will make sure the transition of ownership is smooth and steady in the upcoming months.

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