Do you have a ZAP API?

As a powerful DeFi aggregator, Furucombo seamlessly integrates with your DApp to enable a unique feature: any-token deposit, also known as "Zap." This functionality, powered by the Protocolink SDK, eliminates the need for users to manually convert their assets before interacting with your DApp.

Protocolink acts as the backbone, empowering developers to craft user-friendly DeFi applications that work across various protocols without the complexity of managing individual smart contracts.

How can I contribute to Furucombo (as a developer)?

We welcome any new ideas that make Furucombo a better product, be it a collaborative synergy with your product or new features suggestions. Please feel free to talk to us through our Discord #developer channel.

Do you have a Github?

Yes, you can find our Github account here.

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