How to list a staking contract in Invest (as a project team)?

Introduce yourself and share your smart contracts through our Discord #developer channel.
If you have used the Furucombo Trevi to create your staking and reward distribution contracts, it would be easy for us to integrate! Remember to share both of your Fountain and Angel contracts.
If you are using other types of staking contracts, we will need more time to check the composability.

How can I contribute to Furucombo (as a developer)?

We welcome any new ideas that make Furucombo a better product, be it a collaborative synergy with your product or new features suggestions. Please feel free to talk to us through our Discord #developer channel.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do have an API for our business partners to access our top combos. For API inquiry, please reach out through our Discord #developer channel.

Do you have a Github?

Yes, you can find our Github account here.
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