For Masters

As more Builders list their cubes, the more profit-discovery combos Furucombo Masters can create.

Furucombo Masters are sophisticated traders who are gaming DeFi money legos like a pro - particularly those who have endless strategies and ideas to maximize their profits.

The benefit of a Furucombo Master

Share your strategy to earn much more!

  • You can get a referral code for the combo you create, and share the fees collected when someone uses your combo.

  • You can create a pool combo to be a fund manager and charge performance & management fees for your hard work.

  • If you are also a Furucombo Governor, your reward will be boosted depending on the vCOMBO you have.

To be a Furucombo Master

Creating a combo is permission-less. No vote & no approval needed. As long as you get the know-how of building a profitable strategy, you get to become a combo master!

You manage your wealth along with the wealth of others - It’s a win-win.

Example on how to participate as a Master

  1. You create a flashloan combo using Aave debt swap daily to manage the changes in price and interest rates of the debt.

  2. You can get a sharable link with a built-in referral code.

  3. Share the link with your friends.

  4. Every time your friends use your link to send out a Aave debt swap transaction, you can get some referral rewards.

  5. You can check out your accumulated rewards and claim them out in the referral dashboard.

  6. If you are also a Furucombo Governor, your rewards will be boosted - thus earning even more!

Release Schedule

Due to the nature of the DeFi space, expeditated development, unforeseen changes, or community feedback may cause these plans to change.



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