Furucombo V2 Roadmap

Furucombo is the cornerstone of trading strategies where users can track the movement of funds by following the transactions on the Furucombo proxy contract. This means one can maximize their profits or develop ideas about a unique strategy by monitoring what other trendy strategies are being developed.

On top of that, we are introducing Furucombo V2 Prime, where investors can invest in the top DeFi strategies directly without managing the execution themselves. This allows users to take advantage of the highest yields around the ecosystem right from one sleek and easy-to-use interface.

To kick off the launch of Furucombo V2 Prime, we will be introducing $10 million dollars in rewards.

In short: Furucombo V2 Prime provides the best trading experience for fund managers, thus fund managers can provide the best return for investors.

Permissionless and no-limitations are the keys to the best trading experience on Furucombo. You don’t need to know how to code to be a fund manager here. No need to write your smart contract or automation script to run your creative strategy. Additionally, you don’t need to apply or get approved to be a fund manager. All you need to get started is profitable investment strategies and Furucombo.

Furucombo V2 Prime will lower the barriers to entry for fund managers. That also means that it can capture the long-tail yield aggregator market and opportunities for the investors to further increase the overall returns.

Development Roadmap

Furucombo V2 Prime will introduce the Pool Combo system which is our crypto pooling fund management system. Fund managers of Pool Combo can create a strategy for the investors to participate in by using the various DeFi cubes on Furucombo. They can set the management fees or performance fees in return.

Furucombo V2 Prime aims to decentralize the Pool Combo system by going fully permissionless by 2022. The roadmap is divided into three milestones to achieve this goal, with the first one being released this September.

1. Auto Combo

Auto Combo provides auto-farming strategies with compounding rewards. This means you won’t need to manually harvest or claim your reward to compound your returns. Auto Combo is like your own compounding bot.

Currently, the creator of the Auto Combo strategy is the founding team. A 20% performance fee is applied for the strategy that will be used to kick off the COMBO governance. That means the proceeds will be re-invested into the COMBO/USDC liquidity pool. The LP tokens will then be further managed by Furucombo Governance by vCombo holders. Potential use cases are creating an insurance pool, giving developer grants, investing in pool combos, or distributing it amongst vCombo holders.

Furucombo has also developed a permissionless reward distribution system, Trevi, during our collaboration with Quickswap and Polygon to provide a triple reward program for the Auto Combo. As mentioned above, to kick off the launch of Trevi and Furucombo V2 Prime, Furucombo and its partners will provide over $10 million dollars in rewards in the form of Quick, Matic, and Combo tokens. Also included is our loyalty NFT program, which will further incentivize our most dedicated community members. More details on rules and the time period to follow.

Trevi is audited by PeckShield and HaskCloak, and is an open-source contract for project teams to create and customize their own staking contract for liquidity programs. If you are interested to know more, you can contact us on our discord for more details.

2. Whitelisted & Permissionless Pool Combos

We will continue to deliver and support various trading strategies along the way, and are looking for fund managers with creative ideas to join the whitelisted phase. If you are interested in the fund manager role, contact us on our Discord! ;)

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