Furucombo Loyalty Airdrop Campaign

It’s been a busy year for the Furucombo team and community. We’ve launched many different campaigns such as workshops, fururadio, and attended many events such as ETH Denver and ETHCC Paris. Now it’s time to give back to our loyal community members once again. We are happy to announce our second loyalty airdrop!
To be eligible for the second loyalty airdrop you simply have to be a metal cube holder, or have greater than 3000 Furucombo points. You can check your points by connecting your wallet to the Furucombo interface and navigating under the wallet tab. If you meet the eligibility, to qualify for the airdrop, you’ll need to deposit $500 to any Auto-Farming Pool, or migrate a balance greater than $500 from the original Furucombo farms.
There will be $1000 in Furucombo Fund Share Tokens (FFST) to be shared between all the eligible participants.
Additionally, every $500 staked in an Auto-Farming Pool will earn 20 points per week (previously $1000). This means you can start earning points to become eligible for the next loyalty airdrop, even if you did not qualify for the second round.
Campaign Period:
The campaign will run from August 15th to September 4th at 4pm UTC. This means if you stake $500 in an Auto-Farming Pool, and have a Metal Cube OR at least 3000 points, then you’ll qualify for this airdrop. A snapshot will be taken at the end of the event date. Only wallet addresses with $500 or more at the time of the snapshot will be eligible.
As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us anytime in our community Discord from the link below. Thanks again to our loyal community members.