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Bridging your assets from Ethereum to the Avalanche network!
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Avalanche Bridging - Easily bridging your assets to the Avalanche

This guide is to help you bridge your assets to the Avalanche network for use on Furucombo. There are many different chains to bridge from that are EVM compatible, meaning that you can transfer from any network that is compatible to the Avalanche chain. In this guide, we will review the alternatives.
The first and most safe bridging method is the official Avalanche bridge. This bridge can transfer assets from Ethereum or Bitcoin to the Avalanche chain. Ensure you are only bridging tokens that have a high liquidity so that you can trade those assets on the chain without slippage. Assets like WETH (wrapped Ethereum), AVAX, or WBTC are good choices to bridge over.

How to use the Avalanche Bridge

  1. 1.
    Goto https://core.app/bridge and connect your wallet on the top right hand side.
The official Avalanche bridge
2. Once connected, ensure you are transferring from the network of your choice. In the case of this guide, we will transfer from the Ethereum network. Then select the token, and input the amount you wish to transfer. For this guide, we will be using the $ETH token.
3. Once you are ready to bridge, simply click ‘Bridge Tokens’ & approve the transfer on your wallet. You can see the amount that you are transferring, and the estimated (minus transfer fees) that you will receive upon transferring. Also, when using the core bridge, you will receive 0.05AVAX tokens when bridging $75 or more. You’ll need AVAX tokens on the Avalanche chain in order to perform transactions.
The official Avalanche bridge

How to bridge from other EVM chains

If you are bridging from other networks, such as Polygon or Fantom, you can use 3rd party bridges to move your assets. There are many options, therefore it is easiest to use a bridge aggregator, which is integrated with all the bridging protocols to give you the easiest or cheapest option when bridging from different chains. The bridge aggregator is from Li Finance. If you are more of a visual learner, we’ve provided a video on how to bridge your assets.
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    Goto https://transferto.xyz/ and connect your wallet on the top right
Li Finance bridge swap
2. Once your wallet is connected, select the chain and token you wish to transfer from. At the time of writing this guide, Li Finance supports 16 different chains. Once you’ve selected the chain to transfer from, select the Avalanche chain as your chain to transfer to. Then, add the amount of the token you wish to transfer and the options will be populated on the right side.
Li Finance bridge swap
3. Li.Fi will recommend the best option. The interface shows you the options as well as gas cost, time to complete, and number of steps. If you wish to choose something other than the recommended option, simply click the alternative. Also note, that in the case of this transfer, you would have to have AVAX on the Avalanche chain to complete the transaction (as the bridge selected requires a transaction on the blockchain to claim the bridged funds). Some bridges will not require an on-chain transaction on the receiving side.
4. Once you are happy with the selected choice, simply hit ‘Review Swap’, and then ‘Start Swap’ once you review the details. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the bridging.
This is how you can bridge to Avalanche to use Furucombo! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime on our community Discord. Happy bridging!

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